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Dear Friend,

When I started to learn forex trading, I realized that the trader community can be divided in 2 completely opposite categories – “90% category” and “10% category”

That’s because it is only 10% of all the traders that make money in forex market.

They are the ones who enjoy trading, watch their trading account grow, spend time with their families, drive the car they wanted and take time off for vacation!

But the rest 90% are the ones who are on the other side of fence. They are left in frustration..

Frustration of seeing trades go negative one after another..

Frustrations of seeing trading strategies fail..

And Frustration of seeing the elite 10% traders making money at your expense! (Yes that is true)

So, the next obvious question is

What do these 10% traders have that rest 90% don’t?


I am sure this question would have crossed your mind lot of times -

"What is so special about a trader who makes money?"

"Why do they make money while others only end up losing money?"

Well, the answer is very straightforward – 

  1. They have a proven system and
  2. They have the discipline to follow that system!

Yes, that’s all!

This is all it will take to cross the bridge and join the elite group of traders!

Forex Trend Rider Example

You need a proven trading system that clearly explains you how to trade, when to trade, and is based on strong money management principles. And then, you need the discipline to execute the trading plan to the word.

The discipline is something that is up to the individual trader.

But a “Well Proven System” is still something that holds the key to being successful.


And that’s where I plan to help you!

Would you like to know a trading strategy that you can use day-in day-out and one which has the accuracy that can surprise even the experts?

Wait, let me rephrase it – Would you like have access to TWO such trading strategies that are highly accurate?

Strategies that can be used by person of any experience – Beginner or Fresher?

Forex Scalping Blueprint.

Introducing Forex Pips Gizmo!!

I am here to offer you a Gizmo or a Mechanism that can help you make huge amount of Pips from Forex Market Day after Day after Day

Forex Pips Gizmo

Forex Pips Gizmo is a collection of two highly accurate trading strategies that are based on a common technque, but look at the market in two very different ways.

The 1st forex strategy is called "Forex Scalper Blueprint"

"Forex Scalper Blueprint"

Forex Scalping Blueprint

Forex Scalper Blueprint gives you the edge to scalp 15-30 pips almost whenever you want in a trading session…multiple times a day!

It uses a unique technique to precisely identify when the market is ready to let you in, make quick profits and get out.

And this is something you can do multiple times a day, day after day, months and years to come!

Here is what makes Forex Scalper Blueprint so special!

You'll learn clear cut instructions on precisely when to enter a trade and when to exit so that there is no scope of ambiguity
You’ll learn exactly where to put your stop loss so you don’t get knocked out of the trade prematurely.
You’ll learn the best possible times to trade. Or, when to stay out of the market all together.
You’ll learn how to best use Support & Resistance so that accuracy of trade is high!
You'll also learn how to trade with the trend and how to trade against the trend and still end up making profit
You’ll learn how to recognize a good trading opportunity from a BAD one!
You'll also find the trade management principles that make this strategy hugely profitable!
And a whole lot more!

Forex Pips Gizmo

There's a good chance what I'm about to tell you may be the complete opposite of what other "experts" have been telling you. And there's a good chance that I may even get a few nasty looks...but so be it. In the end...

let me tell you, if you have been disappointed by scalping systems in the past, this time you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Next Comes "Forex Trend Rider"!

"Forex Trend Rider"

Forex Trend Rider

About that, let me begin by asking you - Do you want to taste the satisfaction of having trades where you make huge profits, lets say as high as 300-400 pips a trade?

Trades that are almost based on set and forget kind of mindset?

Then, Forex Trend Rider is for you!

 The beauty of Forex Trend Rider is that it helps you get in on a trend and take its advantage at the early stages itself!

And no wonder, this means huge profits!

And when the trend is about to come to an end, you close the trade and then smile by looking at the number of pips you just made!

Here is what is special about Forex Trend Rider –

Find out how to take massive advantage of a trend when the trend has just started and end up making huge profits..As high as 300-400 pips!
How to implement trade management principles so that you maximize your profits per trade!
How to have trades that require little maintenance..Almost "set and forget" style trades.
And a whole lot more!

So, can I assume that there may be a chance that you might be interested in this system?

Forex Trend Rider Example

So, as you can see from the charts above, both the strategies covered in Forex Pips Gizmo work and they work amazingly well.

Here are some more examples –

 Forex Scalping BluePrint Example

Forex Trend Rider Example

How much does Forex Pips Gizmo Cost?

You know, that is a tricky question. The reason being, I can sell each of the systems individually for lot more than what people are selling their products for.

And that’s because both Forex Trend Rider and Forex Scalper Blueprint systems are highly accurate and profitable.

So, I can charge $77 separately for each of them and that would still be a bargain.

But, instead what I decided to do was to include both of these strategies in Forex Pips Gizmo and offer it in one low price of just $77.


(Special Price for only 1st 500 People)

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Yes, this special price is only for first 50 people. After that I may raise the price 

I am so confident that you will have nothing but success with Forex Pips Gizmo that I am offering you a 60 day money back Guarantee!!

I am giving you FULL 60 DAYS to try both the strategies, go through all the manuals, Videos and apply them.

If at any point of time you are not happy with the them for any reason what so ever, I urge you to please write to me and ask for a refund. I’ll refund you the entire cost of this course. No questions asked!

So, with this kind of strong 60 Day guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

As you can see, there is no Risk on you. So, go ahead and get Access to Forex Pips Gizmo


"Forex Pips Gizmo"

YES, I want in! Please let me have one of the 500 available copies of your "Forex Pips Gizmo" course for just $77 .

I want access to the two amazing strategies:

  • And make money scalping with amazing accuracy!
  • Make money going with the trend and going against the trend!
  • Have almost "Set and Foget" sort of trades
  • Have trades that can have huge profits!
  • And Utilize the first 500 people Special Discount Offer!

So go ahead and click the happy orange "Add To Cart" button below to access "Forex Pips Gizmo"...

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  5 good reasons to buy 

Forex Pips Gizmo right now:

1. You'll get access to two amazingly accurate systems that will make you have profitable trades Trend Trading as well as Scalping

    a. Forex Trend Rider - A highly proftable trend trading system that can                     be used on timeframe 1 hr and above

    b. Forex Scalping Blueprint - A highly accurate scalping system that                 will change your impression about scalping for ever.

2. Both the systems are completely "newbie–proof"', while still providing a priceless strategy for more experienced affiliates. Regardless of your level of experience, all you need to do is implement what I tell you.

3. Since these systems are based on technique that identifies the entry points for trading highly accurately, the probability of having profitable trades will be very high.

4. Both the systems include a lot of videos and examples so that you understand the concepts thoroughly.

5. Remember, I give you an instant money–back guarantee for the first 60 days: If you change your mind at any time, just let me know and I will refund your money in full – no questions asked!

That said, please Tell me..

In which category do you fall – 90% or 10%?

And this question can be only answered by you!

But, let me tell you this. If you are one of the 90% of traders who are not able to make money from forex market, then don’t worry as you are being presented with an amazing opportunity to switch to other side of the fence.

Using Forex Pips Gizmo, you also can make huge money from forex market and take the vacation you wanted or the car you wanted to drive!

But the real question is, do you have what it takes to cross that bridge that is separating you from the elite group of traders!

Do you have what it takes to have profitable trades one after another for days and weeks?

Remember, you are just few minutes away to get the access to the two trading systems that can change the way you have traded currency pairs so far! And for good!

So, go ahead and don’t let this opportunity go by.

Get access to Forex Pips Gizmo and see your trading balance grow!

What will you do with money you earn from Forex Market using Forex Pips Gizmo? What will you buy  -

A new computer?
A new Football Gear?
A cruise to the Caribbean?
Possibly remodel your home?
An HD TV to watch the Superbowl on?
Eliminate your credit card debt?

Maybe even a new car or boat, or just...

Open a savings account and start paying CASH for the things you really want


"Forex Pips Gizmo"

YES, I want in! Please let me have one of the 500 available copies of your "Forex Pips Gizmo" course for just $77 .

I want access to the two amazing strategies:

  • And make money scalping with amazing accuracy!
  • Make money going with the trend and going against the trend!
  • Have almost "Set and Foget" sort of trades
  • Have trades that can have huge profits!
  • And Utilize the 1st 500 people Special Discount Offer!

So go ahead and click the happy orange "Add To Cart" button below to access "Forex Pips Gizmo"...

Add to Cart: Forex Pips Gizmo ($77)

Thanks & Take Care,


P.S. You have nothing to lose. Forex Pips Gizmo is guaranteed to work for you or you can ask for your money back. And best of all, you'll see for yourself just how well "Forex Trend Rider" and "Forex Scalping Blueprint" systems work 

There’s no easier and faster way to learn what really works. So what’s holding you back? Get access to "Forex Pips Gizmo" now - CLICK HERE

P.P.S. Seriously, only for 1st 500 people may get Forex Pips Gizmo for $77 after that I may raise its price.

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